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Our Story

Pames Provisions got its name from an adorable Mastiff named Jameson. As a pet owner you must know how easy it is to come up with nicknames for your beloved beasts, which is what happened here. Stephanie, Jameson’s owner and founder of Pames Provisions, started experimenting with CBD products for Jameson. Being an older Mastiff, he suffered from achy joints, stiff muscles and anxiety. After a few weeks of using CBD, Jameson became a much happier boy! He began running around like a puppy again. A few months later, Jameson needed an MRI because of a couple bad falls. It turned out that Jameson had been suffering from a Neurological disorder called, Cervical Spondylomyelopathy also known as, Wobblers Syndrome. Its a common degenerative disease that is found in large and giant-breed dogs. After reviewing the MRI, the Neurologist determined his case would not benefit from surgery and was surprised Jameson was even still walking on his own. This was heartbreaking news for Stephanie. At the time, Jameson was only 5 years old and still had a few good years left. Stephanie was determined to help her handsome Pames. 

With her culinary background and entrepreneurial spirt, she set out to create Pames Provisions. She wanted to make a delicious treat including some of Jameson’s favorite ingredients; pumpkin, peanut butter, and CBD. She wanted to not only provide a better life for her Pames, but for all other pups and their owners. Thus, the beginning of this beloved brand, Pames Provisions.